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Snuffle Mat Interactive Feeder

Snuffle Mat Interactive Feeder

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Toys Type: Interactive Toys

Snuffle Mat: Dog Snuffle Mat

Material: Fleece

Jinbide Dog Snuffle Mat Interact Toys For Large and Small Dogs Spent Engery At Home Pet Toys Warm Pet Mat

  • Dog snuffle mat has been popular dog toys and it is one of the dog training methods promoted by many dog trainers.

  • Pet sniffing mat will stimulate dog's brain and improve the sense of smell. It is equivalent to exercise brain power and consuming energy through games.

  • 15-20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to half an hour of walking. Tiredness of the head can make the dog more tired than the tiredness of the body. When the weather is poor, you may use this mat instead of walking the dog.

  • Extra energy-consuming will help to avoid your furniture being destroyed.

  • It can also be used as a slow feeder, the food hidden in the holes will slow down dog's eating speed because he/she has to find the food by sniffing around.

  • Pet owner can also use the sniffing pad to interact with puppies.

  • All these dog mats can be washed both with hands or machine, very easy to get clean. We suggest to wash twice a week to keep them clean and safe for your dogs.


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