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Dog & Cat Lick Bowl

Dog & Cat Lick Bowl

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1.【Slows Their Eating Habit & Reduces Anxiety,Boredom and Destructive Behavior.】 ❆ Our dog Lick Bowl is 2-in-1 dog bowls and lick mat unique designed to slow down your pet's eating, improve digestion, and metabolism. Also a cat slow feeder to help calm them to release endorphins through the licking. Reduce the probability of obesity and bloating; stop gluping. 

2.【This silicone licking bowl mat for dogs and cats material used in the production is tested for durability and heat resistance.】 ❆ Our dog lick bowls is safe to use and washing.

3.【2-In-1 Multifunctional Licking bowl.Perfect For Enrichment.】 ❆ Slow feeder dog bowls compare with lick mat for dogs can be used to hold water, wet, & cooked food. Powerful suction cup at the bottom ~ antiskid. Dog bowls can be fixed on the smooth and clean surface such as: Cabinet, Refrigerator, Windows, Tiles, & Walls.

4.【Durable and Machine Washable. Easy to clean with Brush OR Scrape.】 ❆ We will provide scraper or brush with our lick bowl, one order is one color. You can choose the color you like accordingly ~ what's your vibe? The dog bowl mat does not allow stains to penetrate the material. It's easy to clean. The color will not fade after long use.

5.【Feeding Increases fun.】 ❆ This funny bowl for dogs and cats can use when you are outside or trip. Dog licking mat pad use for pets anxiety relief and enrichment toy when they're in unfamiliar environment. You can get your puppy's attention and quiet them down; keep them calm or let keep them busy for a while. 

BOWL SIZE: 5.9 INCHES Diameter.




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