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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Lick Pad

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Lick Pad

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Anti Gulping is Healthy Eating!

Does your pet (Dog or Cat) have problems such as eating too fast and choking easily? Then, our slow feeder can solve well this problem and add a lot of fun to the pet's eating process.

  • Material: It is made of high-quality silicon, tasteless, environmentally friendly soft and durable,antiskid suction cup at the bottom of the slow feeder.
  • Diameter: 20cm (about 8 inches), lightweight of only 200g.
  • Easy to clean: reusable, can be washed, or put into the dishwasher for cleaning, easy to carry, can be carried out for use.
  • Suitable for different kinds of pets: It can be used for cats and dogs of different sizes. You can also purchase multiple pieces and use them freely according to your favorite color and ball.
  • Cute Design: Flower design, cute, and different from the others!
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