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Turtle Silicone Dog Lick Mat

Turtle Silicone Dog Lick Mat

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Product name: Pet lick pad
Material: Silicone
Product size: 18*20.5cm / 7.02*8 inch
Package list: 1*pet lick pad


1. The silicone material is soft and strong and resistant to biting, making feeding more secure
2. The undulating and concave shape in the dish allows pets to delay eating, avoid digestive tract diseases, stomach bloating, etc.

3. Good adsorption, the suction cup at the bottom of the disc can firmly suck the ground or wall, and can also help the pet to distract energy when bathing


1. Due to the light problem, there may be some color difference in the picture, mainly in the real object

2. Due to the data measured by hand, the error of 1-3cm may appear

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